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Status: Will be live at 12/12/2023 14:43

The ecosystem imperative – platformization: new models of financial service development and distribution

In the third report in our series with Deloitte on financial services ecosystems, we cover the analysis of the platformization phenomenon in the financial services sector. In this report, we identify the trends driving this emerging development, outline the archetypes of platforms that are likely to take shape in the coming years, the roles and competitive dynamics of key stakeholders, as well as the internal and external conditions for platforms to succeed. We have also explored key themes such as data policy, the development of new digital business models, and the rise of multisector super-apps in certain geographies.

The report builds on our two previous studies which also look at the impacts of financial ecosystems across the financial services industry: “Digital transformation of financial services and moving from open banking to open data" and “Embedded finance customer relationships and value web dynamics”.