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Status: Will be live at 03/09/2023 15:00

DataTalk - Briefing Note 22 - Digital Wallets and Digital Identity

The February session of the IIF’s DataTalk series explored digital wallets and digital identity in the context of increasing competition for direct contact with customers. The call covered key topics such as the importance of consumer adoption, customer experience and digital wallets, and the increasing momentum around digital wallets and digital IDs. This note provides a summary of the discussion, respecting that the conversation was conducted under Chatham House Rule and comments are unattributed.

Our DataTalk series will continue later this month on Monday March 20 9:00 PM Washington DC / Tuesday March 21 9:00 AM Singapore, where we will focus on big data and its applications for driving innovation and risk management in financial institutions.

For more information about this forum, please contact Emma Handel ([email protected]).