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Status: Will be live at 11/17/2022 09:28

DataTalk - Briefing Note 18 - Data Accuracy and Availability

The October session of the IIF’s DataTalk focused on the accuracy of economic and markets data and how geopolitical developments and trends, like data localization, are shaping information flows. The call covered key topics such as the disruption of traditional data collection tools, publication halts around sensitive data, distinguishing between quantity and quality, and how firms are responding to these challenges. This note provides a summary of the discussion, noting that the conversation was conducted under the Chatham House Rule, and comments are unattributed.

The DataTalk series continues later this month on November 21 at 8:00pm New York / November 22 9:00am Singapore, where we will discuss credit scores, the data used for building them, how accurate they are when compared to non-traditional data sets, and how the algorithms used for credit scores leverage AI and ML to analyze these changing sets of information.

DataTalk is our community of practice to bring together data officers and experts for interactive sessions on key data topics in financial services.

For more information on this forum, please contact Emma Handel ([email protected]).