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Status: Will be live at 03/23/2022 09:00

AATG Podcast - The Essential Role of Banks in Getting to Net Zero

In our latest episode of “All About the Green,” we are joined by Marisa Buchanan, Managing Director, Global Head of Sustainability at JPMorgan Chase & Co., for a deep dive on the state of sustainable finance markets. Marisa describes how her career path in climate and ESG finance has evolved, and how JPMorgan’s sustainability strategy is reflected in corporate governance—and incorporated throughout global business lines. We discuss progress on managing environmental and social risks, the practical challenges of implementing Net Zero commitments and the need for transition finance—including for hard-to-abate sectors. Key themes include the need for international alignment in sustainable finance policy and regulation, the importance of public-private sector collaboration and the vital role of private capital markets in achieving a fair and equitable transition to a Net Zero future.