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Status: Will be live at 02/17/2022 09:00

Integrity through Alignment: A 2022 Roadmap for Global Standards and Market-led Approaches in Sustainable Finance

  • This is the second paper in the IIF’s series on the case for greater international alignment in sustainable finance policy and regulation.
  • With the aim of achieving integrity and alignment in sustainable finance markets around the world, we set out a roadmap for public-private collaboration in six areas: Disclosure; Climate and ESG data and ratings; Classification Systems, including taxonomies; Scenario-based Climate Risk Measurement (including supervisory climate scenario exercises); Regulatory Capital; and Net Zero Alignment and Transition Plans.
  • A clear understanding of the respective roles of market-based and official sector efforts and initiatives –and an efficient model for interactions between them — will be necessary to create enabling conditions for an optimal mix of innovation, leadership, capacity building, and universalization of best practices across the sustainable finance sphere.