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Realizing the Digital Promise: Call to Action

Our latest report in the Realizing the Digital Promise series with Deloitte builds on the insights we’ve received from the more than 200 senior and C-suite executives, transformation leaders, thought leaders, investors, regulators, and government officials we’ve interviewed over the past two years. Realizing the Digital Promise: Call to Action provides a list of recommendations to financial ecosystem stakeholders—including policymakers, regulators/supervisors, financial institutions, and tech firms—on actions they can each take to help drive digital transformation in financial services. 
The set of recommendations breaks down along four broad and overlapping themes:

  1. Upgrade digital capabilities and address the knowledge, talent, and infrastructure gaps. 
  2. Promote greater dialogue and coordination.
  3. Modernize and harmonize regulation in line with the cross-border nature of digital.
  4. Support the adoption of foundational technologies across the ecosystem, including cloud, AI, and digital identity.

The recommendations aim to help foster a greater understanding between actors; deepen cooperation across sectors and jurisdictions; limit regulatory arbitrage and fragmentation; and enable businesses to operate more easily across borders and take advantage of data, data-based technologies, and economies of scale; all while ensuring risks are minimized and mitigated.