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Status: Will be live at 11/05/2019 12:54

FRT Episode 51: Fintech Beat with Chris Brummer



FRT joins forces with CQ Roll Call’s Fintech Beat podcast. Fintech Beat Host, Professor Chris Brummer of Georgetown University, and FRT's own Brad Carr from the IIF share their key takeaways across IIF's Annual Membership Meeting, the IMF & World Bank annual meetings, and DC's FinTech Week.  Chris joined us on the ‘Future of Money’ panel at the IIF’s AMM, and he convened and chaired DC FinTech Week.

Reflecting on last month's meetings, Chris and Brad discuss prominent key data policy issues, such as data sharing frameworks like ‘Open Banking’, data privacy, the usage of data, interoperability across national systems and data localization restrictions. They also consider Stablecoins and the associated financial stability implications they might have on bank funding, amidst Libra developments and a greater focus on Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Chris and Brad revisit some of the conferences’ most topical sessions in which international regulators explored the need for dynamism and agility in regulation, the expansion of the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN) to 50 regulatory bodies, including more US agencies and some prudential regulators. Lastly, the two hosts highlight a few enlightening panel discussions, one which covered developments in Quantum Computing and the other which featured industry leaders describing their digital transformation agenda.