The Voluntary Carbon Offsets: A Path Forward for Companies in Hard-to-Abate Sectors webinar was part of the IIF ESG Webinar Series, which was designed to promote understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape for ESG disclosure and to align efforts to measure and track climate finance.

Companies in hard-to-abate sectors are increasingly under pressure from investors and consumers to reduce emissions, but many do not have an easy solution for doing so. Voluntary carbon offsets have served as a lifeline for many of these companies, and the market is poised to grow significantly to meet this newfound demand. On August 25, we discussed the voluntary carbon offset market with Kyle Harrison from Bloomberg NEF, learned about the size of the market and its major players, what drives pricing and what stakeholders need to do to address a number of fundamental flaws that exist with the market.


  • Kyle Harrison, Senior Associate, Corporate Sustainability, Bloomberg NEF


  • Emre Tiftik, Director, Sustainability Research, IIF