Building on the successful launch of the IIF's first-ever Sustainable Finance Summit in 2021, we were delighted to host our 2022 edition of the Summit, which took place on March 10.

As policymakers and regulators around the world pursue the fight against climate change, global banks and investors are charting course to net zero, setting and reporting on targets, managing climate risk, and ensuring portfolio alignment—while working closely with clients to support them in their own transitions. In the international race to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, trillions of dollars of public and private sector investment will be needed to fund green technologies and businesses, protect natural capital and biodiversity, and create the jobs that will enable an equitable transition in all corners of the globe.

We started the day in Asia and moved through time zones to end on the U.S. West Coast, the event brought together senior officials, private sector leaders and industry experts for lively and informative conversations and panel discussions on the road ahead.

Topic Coverage Included:
+ C-Suite and Policymaker Conversations
+ The Road to Net Zero - Charting Course for the Financial Sector
+ In Search of Global Coordination: Integrity Through Alignment
+ Role of the Financial Sector In Protecting Natural Capital and Biodiversity
+ Financing Climate-Resilient Infrastructure