<div class="staff-detail"><div class="staff--member" itemprop="person" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Person"><div class="member--image"><img itemprop="image" alt="Headshot of Gene Ma" src="/Portals/0/Users/065/65/65/Gene-5023.jpg"></div><h1 class="member--name" itemprop="name">Gene Ma</h1><div class="member--details"><span class="member--position" itemprop="jobTitle">Head of China Research and Chief Representative, Asia/Pacific Region</span><span class="member--twitter-handle"></span></div></div><div class="staff--biography"><p>Gene Ma is the Head of China Research at the IIF. Prior to joining the IIF, Gene served as China Economist & Strategist at Tudor Investment. He has also held the positions of Managing Director at ISI Group, Chief Analyst at CEBM Group (now part of Caixin), Chief Macro Analyst at Citic Securities, and served at China's Ministry of Finance in Beijing. He has also taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Georgetown, George Washington University and the University of Illinois. </p> <h2>Education</h2><div class="staff--education"><p>Gene received his Bachelors Degree from Peking University and his Doctorate in Economics from Cornell University. </p> </div></div></div>