<div class="staff-detail"><div class="staff--member" itemprop="person" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Person"><div class="member--image"><img itemprop="image" alt="Headshot of Jacqueline Lewandowski" src="/Portals/0/Users/176/68/40368/Jackie Lewandowski.jpg"></div><h1 class="member--name" itemprop="name">Jacqueline Lewandowski</h1><div class="member--details"><span class="member--position" itemprop="jobTitle">Chief of Staff</span><span class="member--twitter-handle"></span></div></div><div class="staff--biography"><p>Jacqueline Lewandowski is Chief of Staff at the Institute of International Finance.</p> <p>Prior to joining the IIF,  Ms. Lewandowski was Vice President on the Global Sustainable Finance team at Morgan Stanley.  For more than seven years, she worked closely with Morgan Stanley’s Chief Sustainability Officer and with partners across the firm to help build and deliver sustainable finance initiatives through the Institute for Sustainable Investing.</p> <p>Before her work at Morgan Stanley, Ms. Lewandowski managed business development efforts and project performance at the American Institutes for Research, a DC-based behavioral and social science research organization.</p> <h2>Education</h2><div class="staff--education"><p>Ms. Lewandowski holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Classical Civilizations from Wellesley College. She also holds a Master's degree in Communications, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University with an honors certificate in International Business Diplomacy from the Walsh School of Foreign Service.</p> </div></div></div>