<div class="staff-detail"><div class="staff--member" itemprop="person" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Person"><div class="member--image"><img itemprop="image" alt="Headshot of Robert Priester" src="/Portals/0/Users/102/02/102/P_Robert_0142.jpg"></div><h1 class="member--name" itemprop="name">Robert Priester</h1><div class="member--details"><span class="member--position" itemprop="jobTitle">Chief European Representative and Regulatory Counsel (Brussels Office)</span><span class="member--twitter-handle"></span></div></div><div class="staff--biography"><p>Robert Priester previously served as Deputy Chief Executive for the European Banking Federation (EBF). In that role, he oversaw EBF advocacy communications, both internally and externally, and managed the organization's relationships with EU and international counterparts.</p> <p>Prior to that, Robert served as Executive Director of EBF's wholesale and regulatory policy department, where he influenced legal and regulatory policy developments in the banking sector, both at the EU and international levels.'</p> <p>From 2005-2007, Robert also served as head of EBF's legal department. Prior to his career at the EBF, he served in various roles at the European Fund and Asset Management Association, the Comité Européen des Assurances (now Insurance Europe), and the European Savings Banks Group.</p> <h2>Education</h2><div class="staff--education"><p>Robert holds a law degree from the University of Leyden, the Netherlands.</p> </div></div></div>